Strip Poker Rules

How to Play Strip Poker

First of all, all types of poker can be used for strip poker, with simpler games with fewer betting rounds (such as Texas Hold’em or Five Card Draw) being the most popular.

Although the rules of strip poker clearly can “lose” more (see what we did there?) As a standard poker game, it’s a good idea to identify some instructions that are easy to follow from the start.

For example: socks and underwear are considered clothing; jewelry and glasses no

For reasons of fairness, the number of dresses can be determined for each person. For example, if you want to run your striptease poker game for hours, 5 items of clothing are enough for most games.

Play Strip Poker Fast, Slow or Somewhere In Between

There are three basic ways to play the Stripper game:

  • quick strip poker
  • medium-paced strip poker and
  • slow strip poker

For the fast version, each player shows their best poker card with 5 cards at the end of each card. The player with the best hand does not take off any clothes while someone else removes the item.

The game continues according to all the players showing their hands at the ends of the hands and all except the winner takes off their clothes.

The first player to score is the loser. This is the most common way to play strip poker.

In the mid-temp version, only the player with the worst hand at the end of the hand takes off the garment. But even here, the first to score a goal, loses.

In the slow version (which might take a long time) the game is usually played with poker chips, but the player has the right to bet on clothes if he wants to go hand in hand.

If you play with good players who know how to reduce chips from other players, it might take a while for someone to score even a small goal.

Alternative Ways to Play Strip Poker: Throw in some Truth or Dare

Basic Stripper games can add other alternatives, such as Truth or Dare. In this version, you can replace lost chips by combining Truth or Dare with clothing.

Strip Poker
Each player can opt out at any time, but depending on the rules you set, they may have to pay in the form of truth and / or laughter.

In the end, the winner decides what the losers of the truth or the brave must do to guard themselves from taking off their clothes. Who wears clothes, can decide which clothes will be removed (depending on the value of the hand).

Clothes that are deleted can’t be worn anymore. When a player reaches a goal, you can only continue playing when choosing truth or challenge.

A Few Tips for a Good Strip Poker Game

If you want to organize strip poker games at home with your other half or a few (daring) friends, here are some tips:

  • The atmosphere is obviously crucial: low light, plenty of comfortable cushions, a nice couch and some music will help people relax and forget their inhibitions.
  • Also remember to have the room properly heated: no one wants to get naked in a freezing room (though you don’t have to turn it into a sauna either).
  • Don’t forget to make it fun: Turn the removal of a clothing item into a spectacle. Or offer to allow the winner to take off one of the loser’s items. Maybe instead of their hands, they use their teeth? (Though be careful not to get carried away…)
  • Don’t forget to wear nice underwear!

Tensions will be high, no doubt, but you’ll certainly enjoy your night. Have fun and may the best person win … or lose, depending on how you see it.

When Did People Start to Play Strip Poker?

When you hear the words “strip poker,” your mind tends to race. You can even start thinking about those crazy nights from last year at a private or special club with your partner or (very) close friends. This “hot” poker version might even be part of the usual suburb for you.

Poker stole from a book by Sol Smits
But did you know the origin of strip poker? Did you know that strip poker is very common in pop culture?

Did you know that the joke even led to a real stripper tournament, where hundreds of naked connoisseurs gathered?

Born Alongside the Game Itself

Strip Poker is one of the many variations of poker, the most famous card game in the world. And as in poker, it is rather difficult to determine exactly when and where he was born.

According to Wikipedia, Strip Poker was born in New Orleans at the same time as poker itself around the 1830s. But it is clear that poker, as we know, is the end result of a long development and there is no consensus on its origin.

Some believe that the ancestors of poker originated in China in the 10th century; others say Persia from the 17th century or even 18th century Europe. What we know for certain is that most of the classic poker games in America took place on the Mississippi River steamers before they conquered the Far West lounge.

Strip Poker was born at the same time, although some people claim that the first written evidence for the word “strip poker” came from 1916.

No More Tar and Feathers

During the Great Depression, the term “mixed strip poker” refers to strip games with men and women, as opposed to playing only with men.

In this version, Salonists, who don’t have any more chips, can continue to play at the risk of ending up naked. Because this game is often played in “unofficial” casinos, which are mostly gamblers, it is not surprising that he quickly gained a reputation for erotic games.

It is noteworthy that strip poker is not played alone, regardless of popular belief. Watching a naked player at the end of a match is as common as pitch and feat to punish scammers.

At present there is no longer tar and feather and Strip Poker has become a party game that is played during social gatherings to brighten the atmosphere, allow interaction and get to know people better.

Strip Poker works with all types of poker, but as mentioned above, Texas Hold’em or 5 Card Draw is the most common.

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